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NC Pool PayPal Payments

Below are the TOTAL charges for your Membership Dues Category.
PayPal Payments
Current Member: Distance Members
1 Time Payment
Annual Dues$290.00
S/H Fees$15.00
2 Payments
Annual Dues$290.00
S/H Fees Total$15.00
Monthly (X=2)$152.50

The Monthly Payment Plans END April 30, 2021. The link will no longer be available to our members after April 30, 2020. Two monthly payments ends April 30, 2021. Credit Card or one time payments will be accepted all year.

The New Carrollton Pool is offering an multiple ways for you to pay your dues for the 2021 season. You may pay by check or credit card. NOTE: If you select the 2, 3 or 4 month payment plan, there will be 2, 3 or 4 equal installments made at the same time each month. You will also have to have or establish a PayPal account for these transactions. Be sure to have enough room on your credit card/bank account/ATM card to allow the transfer to go through. If it does not, we will contact you for the funds. If no contact is forthcoming from you, NC Pool may elect to retain the funds previously paid, and no passes will be made until completion of payment. Should you choose to cancel your membership or the payment process after starting it, we also hold the right to retain those fees previously paid, and will not issue passes for you.

NOTE: This is a convenience requested by some of our members, and is the only way we can conduct business utilizing something other than checks. It is not the cheapest way for you to join or pay dues to the Pool and it does incorporate additional fees, but it is a help to those of us who need assistance to belong to the NC Pool.

Questions about PayPal or the payment plan can be addressed to: Web Admin. Expect prompt and courteous replies.

Thank you for filling out the NC Pool Family Registration Form ONLINE. You should receive an email about your form and if you pay via PayPal, a receipt from PayPal for your purchase.

By clicking on one of the PayPal logos below, you will be taken to their SECURE web site for PAYMENT. If you have not read about PayPal yet, and would like to do so, please click HERE to open a new window. When you are finished, simply close that window and return here for final processing.

Thank you again for your submitted membership and Payment to The New Carrollton Pool.
New Carrollton Recreation, Inc.
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You may NOT use this option after APRIL 30, 2021
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