NC Pool Access

Strict enforcement of the rules will prevail regarding access to the pool grounds.

No one will be admitted without their pass!

Every paid member will be issued a new pass each year. Each pass will show the member’s name, membership number and current year.

Upon entering the pool, each member must have his/her pass and turn it in at the front desk. When leaving the pool, the member must pick up the pass.

Owner/Members will be able to enter the pool one (1) hour early on Holidays.

If passes are lost, a temporary pass containing the same information as the original pass will be issued. The family sheet will be marked accordingly and a list will be kept at the front desk of all members on temporary passes. Temporary passes will be issued twice before a fee is charged for an additional pass. When the permanent pass is found, the temporary pass MUST be returned to the pool. The member’s name will then be removed from the temporary pass list.