NC Pool Rules

PLEASE READ: Due to safety concerns the Board of Directors is implementing the following policies immediately:

1. If you are found in violation of our NO GLASS policy, guests and members will be asked to leave the pool grounds and membership will be revoked immediately.   (If glass is found in the pool, we must drain the pool and do an extensive clean-up job.)  We ask that all members look around and say something to violators. Unfortunately we are finding glass almost daily on the grounds.

2. Members will be limited to 10 guests per member number on weekends and holidays, unless you have an approved party scheduled.
(Due to our staff limitations we can no longer accommodate the large number of guests being brought to the pool.)

See the pool rules posted at the Guard shack!
No Running Allowed on Deck!
No GLASS (Containers, items, etc) allowed inside compound.

Adherence to Lifeguard(s) instructions are mandatory.

Swimming apparel only allowed in the pool. That means no jeans, cut-offs, shoes, sandals, unless specifically designed for swimming purposes.

For the COMPLETE Rules and Regulations concerning our facilities, you may download the PDF version HERE! (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free from Adobe) to view!