Splitting Wood
The things we do for our pool...
Cleaning the Metal Table
Thanks, Dan... Looks great!
Empty... but getting clean!
Working on the inards of the 400,000 gallon pool
Guard Shack Exterior wall
This side needs lots of work... and a fresh coat of paint
Pool Interior Gets repaired
Every year we try to catch the tiling damages before water is put back in the pool.
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Continuing pictures of our spring cleanup of the New Carrollton Pool. We work every Saturday starting at 9am (lunch is also served!!) and go to about 3-4pm. Pics from Saturdays,  March 20 and 27th and April 3 and April 17, 2021.

C’mon out and give us a hand. Pics are by P. Goldbeck and B. Matais.