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Updated, Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Changes Coming to NC Pool…

Due to the increase in the number of patrons allowed on the pool grounds, and also to improve our financial position, the Pool Board has instituted the following changes:

1. Two guests per membership will be allowed at a cost of $10.00 per guest per day for adults and children starting Friday July 17th.
There will be a maximum of 50 guests allowed per day. Individual guests are limited to 6 admissions per season.
Guests are required to be logged in and out,and must have their full name and phone number recorded due to contact tracing requirements.

2. Starting Monday July 20th the pool will open at 1:00 PM Monday thru Friday.
Weekend hours will remain the same with no early openings on selected Saturdays and Sundays.

… See more about the opening of the pool and rules and regulations required by the State and County HERE 

Welcome to the 2020 NC Pool summer season! We will officially open on Friday, June 26th. It’s time to Dive-In!  Please join us for fun in the sun in our huge, cool 400,000 gallon pool or play some games in our fun-filled 5 acre site in downtown New Carrollton! It’s your home away from home all summer!

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(pictures on this site courtesy M. Walker and P. Goldbeck)


2020 Pool Events

NOTE: Events contingent on Covid-19
precautions issued by PG County


Join us for a fabulous summer here in the heart of New Carrollton, MD. Click on one of the tabs to the right to find your information, whether you are a NEW member, or a CURRENT member coming back for another fun season at NC Pool.

For more information, click HERE, or click HERE to review our rules and regulations for the 2020 season.

Current dues for NEW MEMBERS of the New Carrollton Pool. Includes connection for credit card payments and multi-month payments (if available). New pricing for 2020 ONLY

Current dues for CURRENT MEMBERS of the New Carrollton Pool. Includes connection for credit card payments and multi-month payments.

Current dues for DISTANCE MEMBERS (CURRENT) of the New Carrollton Pool. Includes connection for credit card payments and multi-month payments. NOTE::: ADDRESSES WILL BE VERIFIED FOR THIS DISCOUNT

Want more? Become an owner member in the New Carrollton Pool. Owners can vote at all meetings, can hold office in our Board of Directors, get special entrance permissions on certain days, and own a piece of the pool property.

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