New Carrollton Pool

Baby Pool Closed for Maintenance (eff. Mon 6/21/21)

View of Baby pool and main poolUnfortunately, on Monday, June 21st we found that the baby pool pump is broken and will need to be fixed. We are working on this problem now, and unfortunately, the actual baby pool will be closed until further notice. This does NOT affect the main pool.

You may sit in the baby pool area, but no one will be permitted in the baby pool itself. There are cones at the gate to remind users of this situation.

We will get the baby pool up and running as soon as possible, but we have no time line to when it will be ready to be used again. We’ll advise you via email when it is.


Pool Season 2021 Begins

Good News! The New Carrollton Pool has passed the County Health Department inspection and is ready for FULL opening on Saturday, May 29th at 11:00 am. AND, for the first time in over a year… The baby pool will also be OPEN and fully functional.

The Board has learned that the County has not imposed mandatory restrictions to be in place to start the season, but could change if the County so advises. This means you do not have to wear a mask in our bathhouse or on the grounds. Mandatory six foot social distancing measures will not be in place, but we advise you to use caution. Of course if you choose to wear a mask that is entirely up to you, but it will not be required at this time.

Click HERE to view Opening Day Letter from the Board Of Directors…


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2021 Pool Events

NOTE: Events contingent on Covid-19
precautions issued by PG County


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