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Updated, SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 2020




Dear Members,

Finally, we can move forward with opening the pool. As of now our projected opening date is Friday, June 26th.  

Home: NC PoolWe want to remind all our members that the pool has many expenses whether we stayed closed or open for part of the season. Therefore, without our full complement of members, a partial season, no guest fees, party fees (kids, teen, adult nights) vending sales, etc. our income will not meet our expenses. Any donations will be gratefully accepted.   

If you have already joined for the season, and you choose to receive a partial refund based on when you paid, please send your request in writing to our Treasurer, Danny Basile at  OR  by mail to New Carrollton Pool, 6250 Westbrook Drive, New Carrollton, Md. 20784 and he will send you a check.  

If you have not yet joined for the season, the cost will be based on 10 weeks instead of the full season of 15 weeks. The prorated dues structure FOR EXISTING, CURRENT MEMBERS is below:

1 senior

2 seniors
1 member

2-3 members

4-5 members

6-8 members

Plus $25 for each family member after the 8th member, up to a maximum of 14 members per household.

Long Distance members will pay $280.

We certainly understand if you do not choose to join the pool this year, however for owner members, it is still your obligation to pay the $75 maintenance fee to remain a member in good standing. For this season only, if you became an owner member after 2006 and choose not to join the pool this year, you may also pay the $75 maintenance fee to remain an owner member in good standing.   

Due to social distancing and the restrictions placed on the pool the following will be in effect:

General Information

  • We will be limited to 224 total members on the grounds of which 107 may be in the main pool at one time
  • Members under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • The baby pool can not be used until authorized by the County 
  • It will be first come, first served
  • Social distancing will be in place
  • Wash hands often
  • Shower before entering the pool
  • Only members from same household should sit together
  • No moving of tables or chairs – there will be 4 chairs per table, if you need more for your family, you will need to bring your own
  • No guests will be allowed
  • Vending machines, ice machine, refrigerators will not be available 
  • Swim Team will not be cooking on weekends
  • Disinfectant bottles will be stationed around the pool 
  • Use to clean tables and chairs before using
  • Use to clean grill knobs, handles before using
  • General disinfecting as necessary
  • There will only be 2 stalls and one sink available in each of the restrooms, plus one urinal in the men’s room
  • Only 4 showers available per restroom
  • No close contact sports will be allowed (football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc)

We are relying on the members to maintain social distancing and to follow the guidelines issued by the governing authorities to avoid any penalties and possible closing of the Pool.

Entering and Exiting 

  • You will use the normal entrance through the bathhouse
  • There are 6ft signs on the pavement going down the walkway by the fence for social distancing while waiting to enter
  • Pick up this season’s passes on your first trip to the pool
  • We will not take your passes as you enter, however you MUST present your pass each time you enter and exit so they can be recorded and/or scanned
  • Records must be kept by the pool for the Health Department for contact tracing

The New Carrollton Pool Board of Directors

Welcome to the 2020 NC Pool summer season! We will officially open on Friday, June 26th. It’s time to Dive-In!  Please join us for fun in the sun in our huge, cool 400,000 gallon pool or play some games in our fun-filled 5 acre site in downtown New Carrollton! It’s your home away from home all summer!

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(pictures on this site courtesy M. Walker and P. Goldbeck)


2020 Pool Events

Normally, at least three every month, June - August
NOTE: Events contingent on Covid-19
precautions issued by PG County


Join us for a fabulous summer here in the heart of New Carrollton, MD. Click on one of the tabs to the right to find your information, whether you are a NEW member, or a CURRENT member coming back for another fun season at NC Pool.

For more information, click HERE, or click HERE to review our rules and regulations for the 2020 season.

Current dues for NEW MEMBERS of the New Carrollton Pool. Includes connection for credit card payments and multi-month payments (if available). New pricing for 2020 ONLY

Current dues for CURRENT MEMBERS of the New Carrollton Pool. Includes connection for credit card payments and multi-month payments.

Current dues for DISTANCE MEMBERS (CURRENT) of the New Carrollton Pool. Includes connection for credit card payments and multi-month payments. NOTE::: ADDRESSES WILL BE VERIFIED FOR THIS DISCOUNT

Want more? Become an owner member in the New Carrollton Pool. Owners can vote at all meetings, can hold office in our Board of Directors, get special entrance permissions on certain days, and own a piece of the pool property.

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